Welcome to Princess Megan's Truth or Dare BLACKMAIL game!

Here's how it works:

There are 10 rounds to the game. In each round, choose either "truth" or "dare". The truth questions are designed to give me information and ammunition I would need to blackmail you. Each round will cost you $5.00.

Each round, the intensity increases. The dares are more outrageous and potentially devastating and the truth questions are more revealing.

Of course, I cannot stop you from purchasing both the truth AND the dare for any given round. I anticipate that many of you will do that simply out of curiosity. You can't help wanting to see what my amazingly clever brain has cooked up, can you?

I also can't MAKE you complete the game, but I strongly suggest that you don't start it if you don't intend to finish. If you chicken out, you may come back to it later and play some more.

Also understand that I WILL use the information you give me to blackmail you and get money from you. Do NOT play the game if you aren't prepared for that to happen. If you can't handle it, beg me for release from the blackmail, but know that it will COST YOU.


Truth Round 1 Dare Round 1
Truth Round 2 Dare Round 2
Truth Round 3 Dare Round 3
Truth Round 4 Dare Round 4
Truth Round 5 Dare Round 5
Truth Round 6 Dare Round 6
Truth Round 7 Dare Round 7
Truth Round 8 Dare Round 8
Truth Round 9 Dare Round 9
Truth Round 10 Dare Round 10