Are you a sissy who's looking for someone new to train with? If so, you've come to the right place. I'm Princess Megan and I specialize in sissification and feminization training. Most of my real time slaves are panty wearing sluts and I'd love to lead you through the process of becoming a better sissy!

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Plugged Pussy - Sissy Task

Want to be a REAL woman? Here's your chance to get a taste of what it's like to be a real woman.


Public humiliation #25 - pantyhose quality control

You have a fetish for pantyhose, admit it. The silkiness against your skin just drives you wild! Here's your chance to share your passion for fashion with the world!


Public humiliation #24 - a real girl

Halloween is the perfect time of year to be what you've always wanted to be! A doctor, a pilot, a vampire...let your imagination run wild! I know what most of YOU want to be. Let's rock this Halloween out Princess Megan style!


Kissy kissy - sissy task

A kiss is a very powerful thing. Human beings kiss to greet each other, express affection, convey passion and feeling and to sexually excite each other. Myths and legends surround the kiss...true love's first kiss can wake a spellbound princess and a simple kiss starts a marriage. Let's work on your kiss, sissy!


Cross dressed slut - a forced fem fantasy

So many of you fantasize about being FORCED to dress like a slutty little bitch...and then act like one. Here's how my imagination dreams it could happen in a fun, exciting and HUMILIATING way. Of course, I turn you into a cock sucker too. I couldn't resist!


Sexy sissy's new boobies!

My tits are amazing. I know you worship them and I know you're JEALOUS! Don't you wish you had a pair? A few months of hormones and you'd have a pair pretty close to mine...or just do this task. That's all you need to find out what it's like to have boobies! (entry level task)


Sissy's first time sucking cock! MP3

It's my sissy's first time sucking cock and I'm there to make sure she does a good job! Explicit description of every second. This is for every sissy and every cock sucker who's wanted to do it for ME! 12 minutes. downloadable MP3


Stud for Sissy!

A simple and fun task that can be done totally in private. No public humiliation here, just getting you to explore your fantasies and imagine what life would be like if....


Traveling sissy humiliation task!

This is a multi level humiliation task for sissies who travel! Or I guess you could just go to a hotel deliberately just for this task...

required: lingerie, female clothing, heels


Public humiliation #19 - Beauty Queen

Have you ever watched a beauty pageant and wished that could be you? Here's your chance to get a taste of it! This task is great for sissies, but will work for anyone.


Public humiliation #17 - Sissy bling bling

So you're a pretty little sissy, are you? Panties, bra, stockings...maybe even a skirt or a wig? But are you good enough to impress ME? Here's a sissy who did just that. Can you do what she did?


Dude smells like a lady - sissy task!

Perfume choice and scent preference is such a vital part of being a girls, we identify those we love by scent as much as by sight. It's time YOU had a scent of your own.


Cuckold Quiz

Are you the cuckold I want? I'm way too young to settle down now, but eventually I see myself in a kick ass cuckold relationship. Could you be the one I'm looking for? Take this quiz and find out!


Sissy Scavenger Hunt II

My original Sissy Scavenger Hunt is my best selling task of all time. Tons of fun, high humiliation factor! This second version is just as exciting and challenging as the first. Can you manage to score a mention in my blog?


Public Humiliation Task # 11 - Craig's List Little Dick

You know you have a tiny cock and now it's time for everyone in your city to know it too!


Simple Sissy Affirmation task

Are you a bit hesitant to really embrace your sissy nature? Maybe you're a beginner and the harder tasks scare the crap out of you? This one is a simple task for those who are just starting to explore their sissy side or for experienced sissies who just want a light, fun task! 4 levels, must be done in order!

$2 per level

Sizzling Summer Sissy task

It's summer time and time to sissify yourself! Don't you want to be unique and stylish this summer? I know you do! This simple task will set you apart from all the other sissies and make everyone go "Hmmm...why didn't I think of that!?"


Puppetry of the penis

I know you want to be a girl and I bet that sorry excuse for a penis would look GREAT as a girl!

Let's see, shall we?


Public Humiliation Task #9 - Drama class makeup whore

All little sissy boys need to know how to do their makeup properly. I've tried to help you before, but I don't think you've quite got it down.

Do this task and you'll be a step closer to makeup perfection!


Public Humiliation Task #5 - Queen of the gym!

Don't all the hot, buff young men at the gym make your little sissy stick stand at attention? Now's your chance to get THEIR attention!


Messy little sissy assignment

This is an overnight humiliation/sissy assignment that will have you messy, embarrassed and feeling ridiculous.

Supplies required: Depends undergarments, panties, prepared oatmeal, chocolate syrup.


Feel like a woman

Do you want to feel like a woman? Indulge in a little pampering and tell yourself how much you love being a sissy!

Required supplies easily purchased at a drug store.


Sissy Cock Sucker

Over 3,000 words/6 pages of how I finally turned one of my little sissies into a real life cock sucker. This really happened to me and one of my slaves!

Elements of feminization, black mail, big black cock


Sissy Make up Lesson 101

This is a step by step "how to" guide for applying make up. 20 pictures of yours truly putting on an "evening" face along with helpful hints on purchasing products.

For the closet sissy or wanna be cock sucker...look your feminine best!


Sissy Scavenger Hunt

You will have 24 hours to collect the items and pictures listed. There is high potential for humiliation here!

Required supplies: digital camera, email account


Pretty Sissy Panty Party

2,000 word story about a party my girlfriends and I had where I let four sissies come over and pamper us. Aren't you dying to find out what happened?

Story provided in .doc and .txt formats along with one bonus picture of me!


Sissy Purity Test

Have you ever wondered how much of a sissy you really are? Take this 100+ question test to see! Created by Princess Megan just for sissies like you!

Three formats to download or view/print from my website