This section is called "extras" because as a sophisticated but spoiled, bratty teen domme, I have a crazy wicked imagination and I love dreaming up new and exciting ways to part you from your cash.

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Blackmail voice mail 2 - about to get RUINED!

I set up my mic and recorded myself leaving a message on a blackmail slave's voice mail. I'd demanded a payment and he missed the deadline. This was the only reminder I gave him and it was enough! The money was in my account the next day. Downloadable MP3 Click HERE to listen.


Listen as Princess Megan lets a slave lick her pussy!

My voice is the ONLY thing you hear in this 2 minute MP3, but don't's all you'll need. Listen as I moan and whimper while a privileged slave is allowed to make me cum with his tongue. What did he do to earn this treat? Call me and ask! Click HERE to listen.


Princess Megan's ass worship MP3

I tease and work you through a hot ass worship scene! Over 9 minutes long, downloadable MP3. Features: ass worship, adorable giggles, slave control, fantasy scenario, humiliation, princess devotion, repeated praise, cock ownership. Click HERE to listen.


2 Princesses bitch session - part 1

Princess Callie and I were hanging out and we got to talking about some of the annoying things that you losers do...this is just a funny little bitch session meant to give you that "fly on the wall" experience of hanging out with us! downloadable MP3 Click HERE for the recorded listing.


2 Princesses bitch session - part 2

This part is about not having anything to talk about when you call! downloadable MP3. Click HERE for the recorded listing.


2 Princesses bitch session - part 3

This part is about you saying you'll do ANYTHING for us before you mean it. downloadable MP3. Click HERE for the recorded listing.


Blackmail MP3

I almost didn't want to use this because her reaction was TOO perfect, but I couldn't hold back. He's BUSTED, just because he missed a payment! Months of payments and pleasing me down the drain. Want to just listen to it? Click HERE


The call of the bottle mp3 recording

Listen to me talk to you about your alcoholism and what I think you should do about it. I dare you to resist this perfect, sweet voice telling you what to do. Downloadable mp3 You can listen to it on Niteflirt by going HERE.


Just a little reminder MP3

Listen to my adorable, sexy, young voice reminding you what a total LOSER you really are! It's good for you to get a little refresher every once in awhile. Listen to it on Niteflirt by clicking HERE.


Bitchy Little Voicemails - 3 mini MP3s

Can you imagine how amazing your life would be if you looked down at your cell and saw that I'd called and left you a voice mail? It wouldn't matter what I said...but you want to know anyway. Listen!


Humiliation Task mp3

This humiliation task is in mp3 format. It takes less than a minute to hear it, but a week to complete. Can you handle it? Click HERE to listen by the minute.


My voice sample

Get ready to fall in love...a sweet, sexy, young voice that you won't be able to resist. The recording is less than a minute, but that's all it will take. You can just listen to it by going HERE or download by clicking to the right.