This section is called "extras" because as a sophisticated but spoiled, bratty teen domme, I have a crazy wicked imagination and I love dreaming up new and exciting ways to part you from your cash.

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Princess Devotional Task #6

My slaves are DEVOTED! If you're my slave and you don't care who knows it, it's time to shout it from the roof tops (figuratively speaking)! You get humiliated, I get entertained and someone else will feel violated...PERFECT! Time to prove your devotion...


Princess Megan's puppy training program - Class 2

The continuation of my human puppy training program. It's time to take our training to the next level. We started off nice and slow, but it's time to ramp it up!


Princess Devotional Task #5

If I were really a Goddess on Earth, would you be my priest? Would you be a monk and devote your life to serving me? This task will give you a taste of what it would be like to be my devoted servant.


Princess Devotional task #4

Most of you who claim to be submissive are really self-centered and selfish when it comes right down to're all about your own pleasure and satisfaction. Are you really devoted to me? You'll do "anything to please" your Princess? PROVE IT. Here's a list of tasks that will actually help me and aren't about your stupid orgasm. Free NUDE pic included.


Princess Megan's puppy training program - Class 1

Is it your dream to be treated like the dog that you are? Kept in a cage at the foot of my bed or forced to sleep outside in a dog house? To be trained and walked, loved and stroked like a pampered pet? Wouldn't life be so simple and uncomplicated if you were a dog and I were your owner? Start training TODAY!


Princess Megan's fun little feedback game!

I love feedback! I adore being worshipped and I can NEVER be told often enough how utterly amazing I am and how much you love me. So get ready to lavish me with compliments!


2 Princesses bitch session - part 1

Princess Callie and I were hanging out and we got to talking about some of the annoying things that you losers do...this is just a funny little bitch session meant to give you that "fly on the wall" experience of hanging out with us! downloadable MP3


2 Princesses bitch session - part 2

This part is about not having anything to talk about when you call! downloadable MP3.


2 Princesses bitch session - part 3

This part is about you saying you'll do ANYTHING for us before you mean it. downloadable MP3.


Princess Devotional task #3

I know that you adore me...worship me...serve me. I want you to take the time to really embrace your devotion to me. Complete this task and it will properly remind you who you belong to.


Dominatrix Class - lesson 1 - types of men

In this fantasy recording, I teach a "Domination 101" class to a group of young potential dommes! Hear EXACTLY what I think about you and what I'd tell the next generation of hotties about how to USE you. This is the first in a new series, lesson 1 is about the types of men. 9+ minutes long, downloadable MP3. Only my voice is heard.


Princess Devotional Task # 2

I know that you're devoted to your Princess. Here's your second chance to prove it. You'll be shocked at how hard core this task is, it's not something that's really my "style", but I made a slave do it one night and I liked the result.


Just a little reminder MP3

Listen to my adorable, sexy, young voice reminding you what a total LOSER you really are! It's good for you to get a little refresher every once in awhile.


Princess Devotional Task #1

I know that you're devoted to your Princess. Now here's your chance to PROVE it! This is a new series of tasks I'm introducing to remind you to stay devoted. Two hot pics of ME included in this task!


Spin the Bottle!

This is the classic game with a bratty Princess twist! Like playing Spin the Bottle with 15 people...only 3 of them are ME!

Will you get ME, a sexy kiss or a hideous shock? TOO FUNNY!


Hide and Seek picture game

Hidden throughout my Niteflirt listings and my website/blog are 10 pictures of ME that you want to have. None of them are available in any other set. Find all 10 pictures and win a PRIZE! Click "buy now" for more info.

$2.00 per picture

7 day ass devotional!

7 full days of ass and devotion. 7 pictures of my awe inspiring ass along with a lesson for each day, questions to reflect upon and fun facts about me! Guaranteed to be unlike anything you've ever seen before!


Bitchy Little Voicemails - 3 mini MP3s

Can you imagine how amazing your life would be if you looked down at your cell and saw that I'd called and left you a voice mail? It wouldn't matter what I said...but you want to know anyway. Listen!


Fucktard Assignment

A simple devotional assignment anyone can do. Yes, even you, fucktard.


Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

Are you a boring, dumb ass loser who has nothing better to do than sit around all day and stare at my gorgeous picture, wishing you could be around me? Well now you can at least entertain yourself by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with me! Check it out, it's way more fun than playing solitaire on your computer.


Ass or ?? Game

Click the graphic below to read more about this game. 10 buttons, random prices, random prizes...a chance to win a completely nude shot of me from the back! Are you feeling lucky, loser?

prices vary