This section is called "extras" because as a sophisticated but spoiled, bratty teen domme, I have a crazy wicked imagination and I love dreaming up new and exciting ways to part you from your cash.

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Cum eater assignment - take your medicine!

Oh NO, you've developed a deficiency that can only be cured by taking your MEDICINE! Don't worry, I can write you a prescription.


Public humiliation #19 - Beauty Queen

Have you ever watched a beauty pageant and wished that could be you? Here's your chance to get a taste of it! This task is great for sissies, but will work for anyone.


Public Humiliation #18 - Dance Club Disaster

This is probably better for some of my younger one likes a creepy, old guy. So don't do this one if you're over 40! This one is inspired by true life events and I guarantee you'll be 100% humiliated by the time it's over!


Public Humiliation #16 - Ho ho humiliation!

Can you handle the intense sensation of embarrassment that you'll feel when you complete this task? Single moms waiting in line with their kids will watch you make an utter FOOL our of yourself! Where? Buy this task to find out!


Public Humiliation #15 - Give Thanks!

So this one isn't a super long and involved task, but might be one of the more humiliating things you've ever done. Ready to give your family a tiny glimpse into what a pathetic loser you are?


Public Humiliation #14 - Halloween Humiliation

Two different options for ultimate humiliation this Halloween! You never know what will happen until you try...will this be the Halloween you remember for years to come?


Public Humiliation Task #13 - Fair fraidy cat

Every once in awhile, I think of an opportunity for ultimate public humiliation that I can't pass up. I doubt anyone will actually DO this, but just the thought of it makes me GIGGLE. Buy it so you can fantasize!


Just a little reminder MP3

Listen to my adorable, sexy, young voice reminding you what a total LOSER you really are! It's good for you to get a little refresher every once in awhile.


Public Humiliation Task #12 - Tattoo shop loser

Guys at tattoo shops are cool and edgy, everything you're NOT! Will you be brave enough to complete this task? I DOUBT IT!


Ultimate Cum Challenge

7 days, 14 loads of semen, untold humiliation. Not for the faint of heart, this week long cum challenge is for experienced spooge connoisseurs only.

My most hard core assignment yet! Can you handle it?


Public humiliation #10 - Undercover CUM GUZZLER!

In this task, I offer you a few different ways to consume cum right in front of other people without them knowing.

You're such a sick fuck!


Humiliation task - Cum eater snacks

Part 2 of my cum eater's diet...5 days of healthy, nutritious snacks, complete with the cum you CRAVE!


Humiliation task - yummy yummy cum!

5 days of cum eating fun! Start your day off right with Princess Megan's cum eater diet.

Get a nutritionally balanced breakfast with that little extra supplement that all cum eaters crave.


Public humiliation task #8 - splish splash

This is a fun general humiliation assignment that will not only be good for you, but will be fun for everyone around you!

Get ready to feel the heady rush of humiliation!


Foot fetish humiliation assignment

This humiliation assignment is guaranteed to make you feel like the disgusting pig that you are! Fantasize about my beautiful feet sliding all over your face, slipping into your mouth?

Let's see how you feel after THIS task!


Public humiliation task #7 - casino moron

Thought this one up when one of my big ballin' slaves took me to a casino for a night of gambling! Only buy this if you can go to a casino to complete.

It probably won't cost you much overall, but everyone within earshot will be laughing at you!


Public humiliation task #6 - motorcycle hotties

It's Spring time and the weather is getting nice all over the country. Aren't guys who ride motorcycles SO HOT?

This humiliation task is not for the faint of heart. Even READING it will probably make you blush, loser!


Bitchy Little Voicemails - 3 mini MP3s

Can you imagine how amazing your life would be if you looked down at your cell and saw that I'd called and left you a voice mail? It wouldn't matter what I said...but you want to know anyway. Listen!


Fucktard Assignment

A simple devotional assignment anyone can do. Yes, even you, fucktard.


Humiliation Task - cum cubes

This is pretty nasty, I admit it. But you'll be humiliated and you'll love every minute of it!


Humiliation Task mp3

This humiliation task is in mp3 format. It takes less than a minute to hear it, but a week to complete. Can you handle it?


Public Humiliation Task #1

All you need to complete this task is the desire to please your Mistress and about $10. Not a lot to pay for such an amazing feeling...


Public Humiliation Task #2

Have a car? Get ready to be humiliated beyond belief!


Public Humiliation Task #3

Sex toy shop fun! Ever wanted to confess to a total stranger that your cock isn't adequate? Here's your chance.


Public Humiliation Task #4

Are you a creative little slave? Prove it!


Dude smells like a lady - sissy task!

Perfume choice and scent preference is such a vital part of being a girls, we identify those we love by scent as much as by sight. It's time YOU had a scent of your own.


Sissy Scavenger Hunt II

My original Sissy Scavenger Hunt is my best selling task of all time. Tons of fun, high humiliation factor! This second version is just as exciting and challenging as the first. Can you manage to score a mention in my blog?


Public Humiliation Task # 11 - Craig's List Little Dick

You know you have a tiny cock and now it's time for everyone in your city to know it too!


Sizzling Summer Sissy task

It's summer time and time to sissify yourself! Don't you want to be unique and stylish this summer? I know you do! This simple task will set you apart from all the other sissies and make everyone go "Hmmm...why didn't I think of that!?"


Puppetry of the penis

I know you want to be a girl and I bet that sorry excuse for a penis would look GREAT as a girl!

Let's see, shall we?


Public Humiliation Task #9 - Drama class makeup whore

All little sissy boys need to know how to do their makeup properly. I've tried to help you before, but I don't think you've quite got it down.

Do this task and you'll be a step closer to makeup perfection!


Public Humiliation Task #5 - Queen of the gym!

Don't all the hot, buff young men at the gym make your little sissy stick stand at attention? Now's your chance to get THEIR attention!


Messy little sissy assignment

This is an overnight humiliation/sissy assignment that will have you messy, embarrassed and feeling ridiculous.

Supplies required: Depends undergarments, panties, prepared oatmeal, chocolate syrup.


Sissy Cock Sucker

Over 3,000 words/6 pages of how I finally turned one of my little sissies into a real life cock sucker. This really happened to me and one of my slaves!

Elements of feminization, black mail, big black cock


Sissy Scavenger Hunt

You will have 24 hours to collect the items and pictures listed. There is high potential for humiliation here!

Required supplies: digital camera, email account