This section is called "extras" because as a sophisticated but spoiled, bratty teen domme, I have a crazy wicked imagination and I love dreaming up new and exciting ways to part you from your cash.

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Princess Megan's fun little feedback game!

I love feedback! I adore being worshipped and I can NEVER be told often enough how utterly amazing I am and how much you love me. So get ready to lavish me with compliments!


Spin the Bottle!

This is the classic game with a bratty Princess twist! Like playing Spin the Bottle with 15 people...only 3 of them are ME!

Will you get ME, a sexy kiss or a hideous shock? TOO FUNNY!


Hide and Seek picture game

Hidden throughout my Niteflirt listings and my website/blog are 10 pictures of ME that you want to have. None of them are available in any other set. Find all 10 pictures and win a PRIZE! Click "buy now" for more info.

$2.00 per picture

Truth or Dare BLACKMAIL Game!

This truth or dare game is designed to lead you into giving me enough information to blackmail you. Truth questions will help me with that quest, dares will save you from it. Which is worse though?

$5.00 per level

Ultimate Cum Challenge

7 days, 14 loads of semen, untold humiliation. Not for the faint of heart, this week long cum challenge is for experienced spooge connoisseurs only.

My most hard core assignment yet! Can you handle it?


Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

Are you a boring, dumb ass loser who has nothing better to do than sit around all day and stare at my gorgeous picture, wishing you could be around me? Well now you can at least entertain yourself by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with me! Check it out, it's way more fun than playing solitaire on your computer.


Ass or ?? Game

Click the graphic below to read more about this game. 10 buttons, random prices, random prizes...a chance to win a completely nude shot of me from the back! Are you feeling lucky, loser?

prices vary

Timed Jerk Off Game

Masturbating, jerking off, practicing the art of "self love". Whatever you call it, you're a pro and you're always looking for new ways to keep it fun and interesting. Well, here we go. This isn't a typical jerk off game. It's sensual, exciting and intense. There are three levels. How far will you get?