1. What is Niteflirt?

Niteflirt is the site that I use to route my calls through and bill my callers for pictures, games, recorded messages and anything else my little imagination can come up with. I am 100% self employed and independent. I use them to protect my anonymity, your privacy and make my life as easy as possible.

You simply create an account, add money to it and call or purchase. It's that simple. They accept VISA and MC.

Click here to see Niteflirt's safety statement.

How accounts work:

Money that you add to your account can be applied toward making calls.
As you speak on the phone, the fee will be deducted from your account.
No charge will appear on your phone bill.
If you have money left over, you can use it later to talk to anyone else on NiteFlirt.

You will never receive unsolicited mail or phone calls from either myself or representatives of Niteflirt. Charges bill to your credit card as "NF Services".

Click HERE to open an account so you can call me or buy things from me!

2. How do I find you on social media?

I am on Facebook and Twitter for now. I don't do Tumblr or Instagram, but that may change. If it does, I'll update this page.

Click HERE for Facebook. Twitter as @meganmakesucry I'm on Yahoo instant messenger as meganmakesyoucry, but I prefer to be messaged on Facebook or Twitter. I do not do Skype, so if you want me to watch you on cam, Yahoo is the only place.

I post similar stuff to what I post on my blog, but I do extra things on social media. I'll often do giveaways that I only post on one of them and not others, so it's best to follow me everywhere. Retweet or share my posts a lot and maybe you'll get an extra special gift!

2. How did become so powerful, magnetic and dominant?

I quickly realized at a very young age that my cute freckled face, big blue eyes and sweet voice were simply irresistible to most men. My male relatives, boys on the playground and even complete strangers just felt compelled to make me happy.

Some people just have a natural draw to them, a certain "je ne c'est quoi" that can't be defined. I have it. People want to be in my presence and are willing to PAY to be allowed in my life. To know me is to love me and life without me is an unbearably sad and desolate desert of existence.

My intelligence, surprising sophistication at such a young age and effortless ability to read men make this easy for me. Other girls talk the talk but when you call them, you quickly discover that they can't walk the walk.

3. How can I become one of your slaves/boys?

First of all, you have to prove that you're worthy by contributing to my lifestyle in a meaningful way. This can come through worship, amusement, service or tribute. I prefer money; I have way too many men wanting to serve me.

Do NOT call me and say, "I'll do anything, Princess." If you're willing to do anything, then this is my response...Make me happy. Amuse, serve, pamper, worship and adore me, but do NOT attempt to make me work for you. Yes, I will give assignments, talk to your about your fetishes and interact with you, but if I feel that our conversation is WORK for me, you'll hear a dial tone in your ear. Don't make me regret that I picked up the phone and we'll get along just fine.

4. What's your email address?

megan@meganmakesyoucry.com Use it appropriately. Retarded emails will be ignored. If you are a member of Niteflirt, I prefer that you contact me through their email program so I can properly charge you for my responses.

5. What are your specialties?

I specialize in feminization, sissy training, sensual domination, cuckold fantasies, financial domination/enslavement, tease and denial, masturbation restriction/scheduling, chastity, forced intoxication, humiliation, cock sucking training, foot fetish, ass worship, and just generally laughing at what a LOSER you are.

6. Do you do webcam shows/is that really you?

Yes, it's me and HELL NO, I don't do webcam. I take calls whenever I feel like it and I'm certainly not going to be bothered to worry about what I look like when I sign on to talk to lame ass dorks like you. Screw that. If you desire "proof" that I am who I say I am, you can order custom pics. Email me for more info, but I generally do sets of 20 for $200 or $20 per picture if you just want a few.

I do have a few short videos up for sale and I also would challenge you to find any other pictures of me out there on the internet. If you do, I can either verify them as real shoots I did or tell you that they're stolen, but those are the only options. This is me and I don't let ANYONE ELSE pretend to be me. Period.

7. Do you do real time sessions?

I do, but honestly, I am a bit tired of it. That's why I'm doing the phone thing. Real time slaves are too needy and time consuming and my refusal to become a pro domme because of the ick factor has just made the entire thing unappealing to me. I still maintain a well stocked stable of men and boys who would and do anything I ask them to...such as pay for my condo, trips and anything else I want, but I am currently auditioning for real time slave positions. Don't even ASK until I've made at least a grand off of you though. Seriously.

I don't do real time sessions by the hour. You earn them by spoiling me and then you're rewarded with real time.

8. What is your refund policy?

 No refunds, don't even ask.