This section is called "extras" because as a sophisticated but spoiled, bratty teen domme, I have a crazy wicked imagination and I love dreaming up new and exciting ways to part you from your cash.

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Princess Megan's cuckold bridal set! pics, mp3 & vid clip

This is an AMAZING set of items. Over 20 pics of me in my bridal lingerie provided in both color and black & white. Plus you get free story to go along with my fave pics, a short fantasy MP3 and a VIDEO CLIP! Yep, a video clip.


Listen as Princess Megan lets a slave lick her pussy!

My voice is the ONLY thing you hear in this 2 minute MP3, but don't's all you'll need. Listen as I moan and whimper while a privileged slave is allowed to make me cum with his tongue. What did he do to earn this treat? Call me and ask!


Cuckold Fantasy Guide

Can you imagine being my cuckold? What if you had somehow managed to attain that position and it was up to you to find worthy lovers for me...where would you find them? Let this guide help you fantasize about your new role.


Cuckold Quiz

Are you the cuckold I want? I'm way too young to settle down now, but eventually I see myself in a kick ass cuckold relationship. Could you be the one I'm looking for? Take this quiz and find out!