This section is called "extras" because as a sophisticated but spoiled, bratty teen domme, I have a crazy wicked imagination and I love dreaming up new and exciting ways to part you from your cash.

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Princess Megan's simple blackmail rules

What's my blackmail philosophy? What can you expect if you enter into a consensual blackmail agreement with me? This email contains a basic list of rules and expectations. I know that after reading this document, you'll be ready for the most exciting and fulfilling experience of your life...being my blackmail victim!


Blackmail voice mail 2 - about to get RUINED!

I set up my mic and recorded myself leaving a message on a blackmail slave's voice mail. I'd demanded a payment and he missed the deadline. This was the only reminder I gave him and it was enough! The money was in my account the next day. Downloadable MP3


Pink blackmail story - part 3

The final installment of my 3 part blackmail story. This by far the most explicit, intimate and exciting story I've ever shared with Niteflirt members. If you liked the first 2 parts, you will be amazed by the conclusion!


Pink blackmail story - part 2

The second installment in my 100% real life true story about a blackmail encounter I had with a local slave. Read it and be amazed.


Pink blackmail story - part 1

This is the real life story of a blackmail experience I had recently. I fucked with his mind, made him doubt his sanity and then raked in the ca$h. He loved every minute of it. This is part 1, part 2 available here!


Blackmail MP3

I almost didn't want to use this because her reaction was TOO perfect, but I couldn't hold back. He's BUSTED, just because he missed a payment! Months of payments and pleasing me down the drain.


Truth or Dare BLACKMAIL Game!

This truth or dare game is designed to lead you into giving me enough information to blackmail you. Truth questions will help me with that quest, dares will save you from it. Which is worse though?

$5.00 per level

Blackmail Application

What am I going to ask you?'ll have to pay to find out. Blackmail is my FAVORITE thing in the world though, so get ready for an exhilarating ride.