Name: Megan. You may call me Princess, Mistress, Goddess, but whichever title you choose to use when addressing me, your tone must be respectful at all times.

Age: Young. And yes, I sound my age, so don't expect a deep, throaty, "mistress" type voice when you call me. For a tiny sample, click here. For a longer sample of my voice, click "extras" above and scroll through. I have quite a few recordings available for purchase.

Status: Single. DUH! While I imagine someday "settling down" with a worthy and wealthy cuckold, it won't be for a long time. Yes, I date, but my personal life is exactly that...personal. Want to get to know me? Give me a call.

Location: West Coast, Seattle to be exact. I live right down town in a high rise that one of my slaves pays for. I have an awesome view of the water and I love it here!

Occupation: Manipulator of men, being the object of men's desires and fantasies, heart breaker. I don't have, nor have I ever needed, a "real" job.

Favorite things: taking $$money$$ from losers, designer clothes, high tech gadgets, hot cars, huge cocks, being worshipped, having my ass kissed, chocolate, orgasms, funny movies

Want to know more? Of course you do. Get to know me and fall in love with me like all men do.